Friday, 29 April 2011


I couldn't have finished Uncle Silas: Genetis before the deadline without the huge help from Tony Giles and Tom Brown. They were my work for hire friends who flatted all the colours in the book.
For those who don't speak the parlance, 'flatting' is the preparation process of taking a black and white image, and in Photoshop adding flat blobs of colour underneath, matching up with the shapes of the characters, speech balloons etc to then make the second stage of colouring that much easier to do.
By selecting these blobs the fancy part of colouring with all the tones, shadows, highlights and special effects etc, is incredibly faster. Flatting is really a monotonous 'paint by numbers' process that nevertheless requires good Photoshop skills and an artistic eye. Two things these boys have in spades.

Tom's a web designer who's previous experience with Anifex behind the scenes in the computer dept. meant he was in control of a lot of complex cinematography involving stop motion animation, video editing and more.

Tony's just outright talented, and proves it with an intensely prolific output of his stylised oil paintings. Check out his portfolio, you won't be disappointed.

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