Monday, 18 October 2010


Pulp Fiction Comics
7pm Tuesday 19th October 2010
34a King William St

I'll be signing books, there'll be original art on display, and there'll be drinks!
What more could you want?!


I had an article in the local newspaper recently. Great publicity! Thanks to the Advertiser for that one.
It's short and sweet, I would have loved more gritty info about the story, the whole process and the medium, but hey, they at least mention the book launch.
Yes, there was an accompanying photo, but considering it's the absolute cliché of me wearing 'something cartoony' for the benefit of the editor (ie: a superman t-shirt) holding a pencil to an already printed poster sitting in foliage, I thought better of posting that up as well.
At least the photo wasn't me at my drawing desk.

Article follows:


LOCAL artist David Follett is
shattering misconceptions
about our state with a KAPOW!
The former newspaper cartoonist
is to release a graphic
novel, Uncle Silas: Genetis
through international publisher
Dark Horse Comics.
While his work is going global,
Mr Follett is committed to
visually representing his
hometown, via ecological
supergenius Uncle Silas.
SA, the driest state in the
driest nation, was the setting
for the tale, but, in his pictorial
irony, Mr Follett created the
backdrop of a rainforest.
‘‘The story is based in Adelaide,
mainly because I grew up
here and I know this place so
well and can reference so much
in future books,’’ Mr Follett
said. ‘‘But also because I liked
how I could write against the
misconceptions (that the rest of
Australia has) that nothing interesting
ever happens here.
‘‘The five sequels I have planned
will be set in and around
SA, leading to hopefully a massive
earth-shattering climax.’’
Mr Follett scored the Dark
Horse opportunity when the
publisher ran a global New
Recruits program in 2005 to
find an up-and-coming talent.
‘‘It wasn’t until over a year
later they told me I’d won and
offered me the contract,’’ he
said. Mr Follett launches Uncle
Silas: Genetis at Pulp Fiction
Comics on the evening of October