Friday, 3 July 2009


Here's a head rotation Courtney did up in preparation for the 3D poster image.

Thursday, 2 July 2009


These are more pics from Courtney of Louise from my comic strip Kookabarry.
Love it!


Rorsharchini. Too cool for words. Honestly- he should have won best dressed.
Pacman. Also superb.
The Phantom walks. She couldn't believe someone was taking her photo. It was simply too good an opportunity to pass up!!
The Doctor's next companion is Velma?? I'd watch that!
L to R: Me, Greg and Pawel.
I can now say I've done Supanova. Here are some pics to prove it!
Had a great time- people ignored us in droves as they hoofed it to the cosplay shows but they occasionally stopped to chat or peruse and even buy stuff. Nice! Some Funday Telegraph fans recognised my Harry the Dog- NewsHound posters which was great ( I even sold 1 of the 2 which was better!) A good experience all told! I sure as heck know what to do and what not to do for the next time (if there is one, mind you). I now have far too much stock just waiting for people to throw me money. This time next year I should have Uncle Silas the completed graphic novel in my hot little hands to sell to the slavering masses which will be better.
I do however, have lots of promotional material which I'll be getting out into the public arena soon enough... bwa ha haaa.


Here are the two sketches I did up for Courtney to work on. The first option just didn't have the dynamism it deserved, so I did up the second one quick smart!
If we'd had time, I'd have had Courtney suffer on seriously rendering up one of the creatures in the forest... but he'd probably never speak to me again.


This one I'm not even going to explain. Why ruin the surprise?


My good watermark friend Courtney Hopkinson has done up a kick arse poster image of Uncle Silas for me based on a quick sketch I churned out late one night. Supercool!! I had a whole lot printed up A3 size for Supanova as well as postcards to hand out. Brilliant stuff!! He's also been working on some 3D character versions of Louise from my Kookabarry strips.
sweeeet. This first poster image I did up- showing something that may or may not happen in the book... you'll just have to wait and see.