Thursday, 4 June 2009


I'm getting a table in Artists Alley at this year's Supanova comic expo in Sydney at the end of this month- it'll be my first showing there(!). I'll be sharing it with the talented Mr Greg Holfeld and Pawel where I'll be selling mini comics galore and promo stuff to go with. I'm printing up the collected run of my newspaper 3 panel funny Kookabarry, a promo mini comic of Uncle Silas and the complete Beanboy- all the completed comics I've ever done as well as background art, model sheets, sketches, and whatever other dross I can possibly find without boring anyone to tears.

The Uncle Silas mini comic promo I'm printing up to help pay my colourist Tom Brown who's helping me on the graphic novel I'm doing for Dark Horse. Tom's working like a slave horse making my life easier! The mini has the first 24 pages in eye searing black and white, is printed on 100% recycled paper and weighs in at a featherlight $5 Aus.
I dare anyone to flick through those pages and tell me at what page exactly I stopped inking on paper and began inking straight into Photoshop.

I've just today received the postcards and posters from the printers and they've come up a treat. Full colour eye candy that makes me want to read the finished graphic novel. If only I was more considerate on myself and actually have finished the bloody thing by now, and I could.
Here's a bizarre cmyk pic struggling with the internet...

sketchbook stuffs

Here are some backgrounds I drew up for the 2 minute Beanboy animation pilot done with Greg Holfeld many moons ago... for some reason nobody wanted to fund it any further for a series of interstitials so it remains a tempting 'what if' in the Beanboy world. Greg did pages and pages of storyboards incorporating ideas in the short stories and comics I'd already done or was developing, and I still get a chuckle out of reading them. Greg may well post the clip up on the 'net one day...

more Beanboy stuff...

Beanboy sketches

I was flicking through all my sketchbooks trying to find any Beanboy sketches that might be good enough to add to the complete Beanboy comic I'm printing up ahead of Supanova this June.... and I found a whole bunch of old page layout thumbnails and scribbles.