Thursday, 16 July 2009


Yeah, I know, these aren't Silas related either... but what the hell.
They're for The Week Magazine (the Oz edition)- a weekly round up of the world's current affairs and politics from an Australian perspective.
I'm usually given 24 hours notice to come up with the goods (as are the other illustrators who also get this gig), so it's all go-go-go!
A lot of fun to do.
The Shanghaied cover is about Australia's Rio Tinto Australian-Chinese employee Stert Hu and his ousting as a 'spy' for China. The second cover is about Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd and the kerfuffle over the email scandal about Rudd's mobile office (ute). Turnbull came out of it the worse for wear, obviously, after it turned out the emails used as the basis for his argument about Rudd getting the ute in kind in order to act favourably for a car dealer turned out to be fake.

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