Monday, 27 July 2009


Here's the process for my second Uncle Silas screensaver (that reminds me, I'll have to get Tomto upload it to my website!). The original pencils were done a couple of years ago- you can tell from the crappy proportions of Uncle Silas himself- he's all wrong. To be honest, even Selena is a bit wonky. I'm sorry, but you'll have to read this process post backwards to see it grow. I can't be bothered trying to second guess the chronological system this blog has.

I figured this would be good to finish up and have as a screensaver and poster for publicity sake, so I had to revise the pencil sketch and work it up. Again, you can see just how unfussed I've become with doing the forest background at this point when I'm inking straight into photoshop.
Then of course, the inking came second. I've shown the different stages of layer build up to give you an idea of how many layers I end up having with the complex pictures when there's heaps of detail and overlapping forest filaments and foliage etc... You can also see where I erase underlying layers when I end up drawing over the top. This way, I keep those big smooth arcs of brush lines. Previously when I inked on paper, I'd have to mimic them and it would be so time consuming and laborious.

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