Sunday, 26 July 2009


I've decided to upload a couple of pencil sketches for some early pages so you can see the difference in my approach. The earlier pencils from when I was inking with traditional brush and ink onto schoellers hammer paper crouched over a lightbox were tighter and more thought out. The linework was well considered and composition was often chosen after quite a lot of mental gymnastics and visual play in my head. I couldn't very well decide later on while I was inking to change things or add or heaven forbid, subtract anything out of the panel.

However, when I started inking up straight into photoshop, I realised I could just lay down the basic bones of the pencils and over my roughs start to improvise a little with details. Especially when it came to foliage and backgrounds. With linework for my characters on separate layers to my backgrounds, I could really start to muck around with things, as well as begin to get some great details with foreground foliage and action sequences. Erasing underlying linework really started to open up the possibilities.

While I won't show you pencils of later pages (why ruin the read for you?) I can show you a couple from what I've printed up in the b+w mini comic.

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