Monday, 11 May 2009

getting there....

Well, I've clocked the 100 page mark for inking! I'm currently on page 103. 
My friend Tom Brown is helping me colour up the flat colours and prepping the pages for Dark Horse, which is a huge help. I'll then be going in over the top of his work adding shadows and highlights and all the freakin' details in the forest...
What the heck was I thinking?!?
At least I can see the end for the inking coming sloooowly into view.
Small mercies. 
I'm attending this year's Supanova comic fair in Sydney (June 27th, 28th) 2009, and I've done up a mini comic teaser of Uncle Silas. It's collecting the first 28 pages in black and white (that's double what you can currently see on my website!) and I'll be selling them as well as my collected Kookabarry strips. If I can get it designed up in time, I'll also print up all the collected Bean Boy strips that I've ever done. That should be a doozy. They were first printed up in Stephen Dodd's Mixed Grill Comics way back. What the @$#$ has Dodds done lately, anyone know?!?
All the long form pages of BeanBoy are viewable on my website, but I'll be adding all the extra strips that have never been seen out of a select bunch of lucky people who probably don't even remember the experience. I was looking over my notes and ideas for BeanBoy and I'm almost sad it never got any further than where it did. I had some pretty cool ideas for a HUGE book! 
I might draw up some one off splash poster pages to suggest where it was going to go... if I get the time(!)
But as per usual, I may just end up pillaging the ideas for the future books/stories of Uncle Silas... We shall see....

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