Monday, 4 August 2008

pencils finished!

... kind of. I've finally got them all down, but there are a couple of patches that I need to go over and tweek a bit, and a couple of frame sequences that I'm not happy with so they'll need revision too. I'll do them when I catch up to them in the inking part, which is now! I'm inking straight into photoshop with my wacom tablet and trying to replicate the brush style I started with on paper all those years ago. I don't have any special brush I just use the default one in the brushes pallet and try to get a quick and lush line. If anything- command+Z is my friend, my lover, my wise uncle, my conscience, my harsh critic... Especially with all those smooth bloody lines... what was I thinking?!? I wonder if I wasn't better off inking it like I do with Kookabarry...

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