Monday, 4 August 2008

daintree tropical rainforest

Here some pics from our recent trip up to the Daintree rainforest in north queensland. Inspiration for Uncle Silas if ever there was one. I'd been previously to New Zealand's south island 10 years ago which really kicked off my obsession with this kind of natural setting, and the Daintree was a brilliant refresher to everything I love about it. The feeling of being absolutely surrounded by nature in all it's thick, fertile, uncontrollable lushness is very humbling and primal. Loggers once raped this forest for it's 'Red Gold' gum trees- at one point worth more on the international stock exchange (ounce for ounce) than pure gold. Considering the rate of logging occurring in the Amazon I'd say it's value is beyond compare now.
Not that this pressing need to keep our priceless old growth forests from destruction stops loggers in Australia...

Of course, just off the coast of the Daintree is the Great Barrier Reef. More than likely, the setting for the 3rd Uncle Silas story. Again- absolutely beautiful. 

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